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Some women instinctively end up dating men who are quite older than they are and while some of us may wonder ‘what she sees in him', it's actually not such a bad thing. But if you're not convinced, here are 11 reasons why dating an older guy is actually a good thing. But date nights with an older guy will be proper date nights because he's been earning a lot longer than you have and can probably afford a lavish dinner once in a while. And given his experience, he also probably knows that all vulvas don't look pink or smell like Body Shop products. This guy wouldn't care if you haven't shaved in a few days. As the younger one, you are in a better position to demand pampering from him. You can sound him out on issues and if he is a good listener, you will even get good advice from him given his experience. He is probably a better person to seek help from before job interviews than your friends, 'cos he's been there done that before. An older guy is less likely to come up with excuses for not using a condom.They say that women at any age are mentally five years older than guys of the same age. You can still go dutch, but it may be or now instead of the earlier. He can grow real facial hair and keep some pretty fancy beards and moustaches, if you're in for that sorta thing. He may not be prone to childish temper outbursts, although you can expect that from a man at any age. Possibly, he's already been through a pregnancy scare and now fully understands the value of contraception.a dearth of relationship-minded men, so those who want to fall in love and have a serious relationship often look to graduation as the time when things will improve as traditional dating reappears.They hope they can leave hookup culture behind with the extra-long twin sheets and grungy shower flip-flops. Their same-age male peers are potentially more interested in relationships, now that they’re the younguns again (which means fewer options).3.I didn't like him that much at first but as time went on, I fell for him more and more. I waited for his feelings to come back but I got tired of waiting and eventually broke up with him.

Your motivations for checking up on this are worth looking at, though, because it gives me the feeling that either something inside you feels like you don’t quite trust this guy or that you don’t trust the relationship you’re in to have trust as a quality (and so you’re always checking and testing because you don’t have that trust to begin with…

I know I am being sneaky/snoopy by checking up on him to see how often her goes on the site (and he goes on often! It’s not like I’d call this guy my boyfriend already, I know it’s still early… Author’s note: I have expanded the content of this article since it’s original post (as I do from time to time).

This is thanks, in part, to your excellent comments and questions from the audience.

Women who realize that will break up with them, but no women would willingly go into a relationship with a bad guy. [ 181, -12] It's not that girls like bad guys, it's usually that they get tricked into dating them 3.

[ 148, -9] Yeah, I much prefer warm hearted men who take care of you and speak to you warmly 4.

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Singles, especially single women, are becoming exhausted with the direction mobile dating is headed today.

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